Do you know the difference between the Supercharged vs Turbocharged engines? 

"These two types of force induction engines are designed differently but share the same purpose, which is to deliver more horsepower. Supercharged engines are powered by a belt/pulley system. The belt rotates the impeller inside the supercharger, so that it pushes more into the combustion chamber. Now with the turbocharger, it uses the exhaust pressure to increase air in the combustion chamber, therefore when you increase the RPM on the engine, the exhaust pressure increases the speed that the turbocharger impeller spins."


With the basic knowledge of force induction between the Superchargers and Turbochargers, Pur Performance can help you choose the right system for your car, truck, or jeep. We are authorized dealer and installers for Edelbrock, Procharger, and STS Turbo. Contact us at 636-946-8554 and talk to one of our sale associates for pricing and questions.












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